Memories of Stories Past–ISWG post!

insecure2bwriters2bsupport2bgroup2bbadgeIt’s the first Wednesday of August, and that means it time for another post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

Starting last month (although I didn’t notice until after I posted) there’s now an (optional) theme/prompt for the month.

This month’s question:

What was your very first piece of writing as an aspiring writer? Where is it now? Collecting dust or has it been published?

I have a lot of pieces of writing collecting (cyber)dust.  I’m still working on getting my first MG novel (Beyond the Land of Dreams: Beryl’s Awakening) published.  It will eventually, because if no one wants to publish it traditionally, someday I’ll do it myself.

This week, I started emptying out a storage space I’ve been renting for almost ten years.  It contained a lot of my old paintings, my daughters school work, some papers and a few other odds and ends.  I decided I should empty out the space and save the money and figure out what to do with the stuff–find a place for it at home or get rid of it.

Most of the papers were old bank statements and stuff like that from over ten years ago–all recycled now!  But I also found the stories I wrote when I was a kid, including what might be the very first story I ever wrote, including an illustration. Judging by the cursive writing, I think I wrote it when I was in second grade.

Here it is, published for the very first time:

Wilbur, the Jolly Green Elephant

By Susan Bruck, age 6 0r 7

Once there was a jolly elephant named Wilbur.  He was as smart as an elephant could be.  But, one day, he turned green.  I’m going to tell you the story about that day.  But first I’ll tell you a little about Wilbur.  When he was born he went to first grade.  He was a very handsome elephant.

One day he told his mother, “Everybody’s laughing a me today.”

“I don’t see…..I’d better call the doctor,” she answered for she saw he was green

When he went to the doctor the doctor said, “When you get home give him a bath.”

When she saw that the green came off she asked him what happened.

He said, “Yesterday I jumped into a pail of green water…..”

“So that’s why everyone was laughing at you, she said. “You jumped into green paint and it looked like you were green.”

From that day on Wilbur never jumped into anything unless he was really sure what it was.


Wilbur the Jolly Green Elephant

Well, I think there’s a lesson in that for all of us!

I noticed a couple things when I read this story–1) my handwriting was better then than it is now IMG_1324and 2) my writing voice hasn’t changed a lot.  I thought that was interesting and kind of funny.

But overall, it’s been kind of overwhelming recovering all these pieces of my past.  I find them interesting, but I don’t know what to do with them.  I may type up the stories and keep them.  I find my first book that I wrote in 3d or 4th grade–the story of the Snaps, who were little animals I made from clay and then wrote stories about.  It was a book of short stories that I remember starting by writing the table of contents, complete with page numbers–because that’s how books of short stories start.  Anyhow, I’ll figure it out one step at a time.

These are a couple of the old photos I found.

And I have one more trip to make to finish emptying out the space–mostly paintings are left, but some of them, I think, will be too big to fit in my car.  Anyhow, that’s a problem for another day.

Thanks for stopping by!

I am a writer, handworker, artist and teacher (a WHAT!), and a mom of two beautiful daughters who are amazingly 17 and 21. I am working on getting my first book, a fantasy novel for young people, published and am busy spinning on my new spinning wheel. I have been a Waldorf early childhood teacher for 10 years now, and before that, I was a lawyer. Teaching is much more fun.

10 thoughts on “Memories of Stories Past–ISWG post!

    • It is fun to look back. And it’s good to remember how my desire to tell stories and be an author goes so far back in my life. Even though I’ve done a lot of other things, this one thing hasn’t changed. I still love to write, especially silly stories. Thanks for your comments. And thanks for co-hosting ISWG.

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