What’s important vs what’s doable


It’s time for the monthly Insecure Writer’s Support Group post–the first Wednesday of July.

Last month was a pretty productive month for me (although not on my blog!)  I spent most of the month taking a wonderful class from the Children’s Book Academy.  It was “The Craft and Business of Writing Children’s Picture Books.”  It was a wonderful class.  I learned a lot and met lots of wonderful writers and artists who were also taking the class.  I also finished an on-line class on illustrating picture books, “Make Your Marks and Splashes.” Also, I joined a critique group of author/illustrators from SCBWI.  So it was a busy month of writing, painting and learning, as well as connecting with other writers and illustrators.

I did other stuff last month, too, that had nothing to do with writing or painting–aka the rest of my life.  I started preparing for my return to teaching in the fall, spent time with my daughter, who is home for the summer (HOORAY!!!), had dental surgery, –oh, yeah, and I relaxed a little and also watched the new season of Orange is the New Black–to name a few.

So when I look back, I realize that I did a lot.  But I didn’t get a lot of marketing done.  I guess, if I’m honest, I really hoped that I would have an agent or a publisher for one of my books before I went back to work.  But I spent most of my time working on my craft rather than marketing.  I can still do the marketing.  But I feel like I’m never going to get there.  I feel like it’s going to be a long time before I have an illustrated picture book ready to submit. (It’s not necessarily true, just one of those stories I tell myself, hopefully not right before bed).

In Simplicity Parenting, Kim Payne writes about simplifying family life.  He writes that we should look at what’s important and what’s doable–then choose what’s doable.  Lots of small, doable changes will eventually get us to what’s important.

So that’s the bedtime story I’m to tell myself–I did a lot towards my goal of being an author/illustrator this month.  Even if I didn’t get published—yet.  And as much as I still feel insecure, I really took a lot of good, positive doable steps.

So hooray for me!

I’m celebrating!

And getting back to working on the dummy for “Dung Beetles in Love,” which originally appeared in my blog as “Ding Dong Dung Beetle saves his Poo-Ball”.  And here’s the new illustration I did for this story.

Dung Beetles in Love.jpg

That’s it for today.

Thanks for stopping by!

I am a writer, handworker, artist and teacher (a WHAT!), and a mom of two beautiful daughters who are amazingly 17 and 21. I am working on getting my first book, a fantasy novel for young people, published and am busy spinning on my new spinning wheel. I have been a Waldorf early childhood teacher for 10 years now, and before that, I was a lawyer. Teaching is much more fun.

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