Zoom, Zoom, Zoom All the Way Home–The 6th and Final part of “The Magic Umbrella” Story #41

Zoom, zoom zoom all the way home

The Velvet Underground buzzed with excitement.  Not only were the babies making a lot of noise, but Violet and Sprite whirled around all of them.

“We did it!  We did it!” they sang.

FullSizeRender 53
Just a little doodle

Moth buzzed around them like they were lights then flew out the door.  It was daylight already.  Myrtle hadn’t realized it until just now.

She and her mom watched the whole scene in amazement.  Some of the babies came and kissed Myrtle’s mom.  Her mom leaned against Myrtle.  She seemed very weak.  But her smile was bright.

“I thought I would never see you again,” she said.

She told Myrtle that Sprite had followed the Big Bad Spider here when she stole one of the babies.  He told the fairies, but they didn’t believe him.  They thought humans were stealing the babies.  They had stories about fairies visiting the world of humans, becoming enchanted and forgetting to go home.  Myrtle laughed at that.  One night, when Spider had gone to sleep, Sprite sat with her for a long time while she told him all about her family.

“But I can’t believe he brought you here,” she said.

“It seems like I got here just in time,” Myrtle said.

Moth fluttered back into the Velvet Underground.  Dozens of fairies flew in behind him.  Now the tree cave hosted a most amazing reunion.  Fairy families flew and hugged, twirled and talked all at the same time.  Their laughter filled the room with a sound like tinkling bells.

Then it was quiet.

Only Sprite, Violet, Myrtle and her Mom remained.

“We were good detectives,” said Violet.

“Yes,” agreed Sprite.  “I love happy endings.”

“We have one more ending,” said Myrtle.  “Can we have Magic Umbrella take us home?”

“I’m right here.  I can hear you,” said Magic Umbrella.

“Thank all of you for helping me get my Mom back.”

Myrtle hugged both of her friends.  “I hope I’ll see you again sometime.”

“I’ll come and get you when it rains,” said Sprite.  “That’ll be our special time.”

Myrtle’s mom had fallen asleep on the ground.

“Magic Umbrella, can you help us get home?”

“Since you asked so nicely, I suppose so.  I usually only go out in the rain.”

Myrtle wasn’t sure how her mom could hold on to the handle even if Magic Umbrella helped. Magic Umbrella turned upside down and everyone all helped her in.

“Bye,” they all shouted to each other.

“Zoom, zoom, zoom,” hummed the Magic Umbrella.

“Zoom, zoom, I’ll get you home soon,” he sang.

FullSizeRender 54

They flew high in the air.  Myrtle peeked over the top once, but got dizzy and sat back down.

True to his word, Magic Umbrella got them home quickly.

They arrived just in time.  Dad was in Myrtle’s room reading her note when they knocked on the window.  As soon as they stepped through the window, they were their regular sizes again.

Dad carried Mom to bed and called the doctor.  Myrtle wanted to tell him the whole story, but fell asleep while she was still telling her ride to the Velvet Underground on the Magic Umbrella.  She’d had a long night.


That’s the end of The Magic Umbrella and the last day of the A to Z Challenge.  It’s z day.  It’s been a lot of fun.  I’ve met a lot of interesting bloggers.  And it’s been a lot of work. I’m looking forward to taking a couple days off–but I’ll be back soon.

In the meantime, have a great rest of the weekend.

And as always, thanks for stopping by.


I am a writer, handworker, artist and teacher (a WHAT!), and a mom of two beautiful daughters who are amazingly 17 and 21. I am working on getting my first book, a fantasy novel for young people, published and am busy spinning on my new spinning wheel. I have been a Waldorf early childhood teacher for 10 years now, and before that, I was a lawyer. Teaching is much more fun.

6 thoughts on “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom All the Way Home–The 6th and Final part of “The Magic Umbrella” Story #41

  1. What a beautiful way to finish the challenge! A sweet story, and I also love the illustrations. Glad I found you through the A to Z Challenge!

    ~Eli@CoachDaddy (#861)

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