Story number 7: Gloria the gnome and the apple cake

Gloria and bluebird pick applesDear Friends, Believe it or not, I am in Nicaragua, at La Mariposa, a Spanish language school, eco-hotel, wildlife refuge, organic farm and all around wonderful place.  My story today, however, is in honor of my friends, colleagues and the children at the Chicago Waldorf School.  I won’t be at the Harvest Festival this year, for the first time since who knows when.  It’s not for a few more weeks, but I’m thinking about it here in the hot, humid, not-so-rainy rainy season.  For the past few years, my friend Nancy and I have sang into the microphones to lead the singing.  For us, that is a big deal.  I love to sing, but don’t necessarily like being amplfied.  I hope somebody sings with Nancy, this year.

In the meantime,I am sitting outside and writing, because that is where the internet is available.  In spite of using DEET, I have been chewed on my many mosquitos.  I have had two days of Spanish, about 4 hours per day, and my brain feels like it is stuffed with mush, but the classes and teachers are great and I am sure I’m learning.  I will share some photos from here, soon, and maybe a story, too.  But for now, here is Gloria and her friend bluebird.  Enjoy! (PS–I tried to upload more photos, but for some reason it’s not happening, but at least there’s one!)


Gloria the gnome woke up early today,

To the orchard she hurried away.

Over her arm her basket she did take   

To gather apples to bake a cake.

Way up high above her head

Hung the apples juicy and red.

They looked so good, they smelled so sweet,

Oh how she longed for one to eat.

She jumped and jumped as high as she could

But all of her jumping did no good.

Soon her friend bluebird came flying by.

“Come and help me,” she did cry.

Dear little bluebird heard her plea

And was by her side as quick as could be.

He plucked an apple from way up on top

And into the basket it went with a plop.

Before she knew it, Gloria’s basket was full

Thank you, she said, I am so grateful.

Then gnome and bird sat down for a snack

Before Gloria the gnome took her basket back

And straight home she went with all of the rest

To bake an apple cake for the Harvest Fest.

She washed them, she peeled them, she sliced them with care,

Gloria had never seen apples so fair.

Flour, milk and honey in the bowl she did pour

Butter and cinnamon and mixed it some more.

She mixed the apples into the pot

And checked to make sure that the oven was hot.

All of the batter she scraped in the pan

Then she sprinkled on sugar and more cinnamon.

Into the oven she placed it with glee.

Soon it would be ready for the Harvest Party

She waited and waited.  At last it was done.

She thought that this day couldn’t be more fun.

But more was to came, as she would soon see.

For the Harvest Fest would fill her with glee.

She put on a clean dress and braided her hair.

She wrapped up the apple cake with great care.

Blue bird was waiting outside of her home

And they went to the party, the bird and the gnome.

When they got to the harvest fest, everyone was there,

Sounds of singing and laughter filled up the air.

Gloria sang and danced, and when that was all done

She sat down to a feast, shared by everyone.

There was corn on the cob and pumpkin pie,

There was cider and sunflowers and apple rings dry.

But everyone there at the Harvest Fest,

they all agreed Gloria’s apple cake was the best!

They ate all the food then danced late into the night

Under the moon and the stars, it was such a delight.

When the moon was hanging low in the sky,

Gloria and her friends all said good bye.

Gloria and bluebird went home for a rest

after the wonderful, delicious Harvest Fest.

I am a writer, handworker, artist and teacher (a WHAT!), and a mom of two beautiful daughters who are amazingly 17 and 21. I am working on getting my first book, a fantasy novel for young people, published and am busy spinning on my new spinning wheel. I have been a Waldorf early childhood teacher for 10 years now, and before that, I was a lawyer. Teaching is much more fun.

2 thoughts on “Story number 7: Gloria the gnome and the apple cake

  1. Gnome and bluebird are just charming. I am envisioning a puppet play????. Perhaps in years to come.
    Have a great time at the beloved La Mariposa. Give Paulette my love, as well as Johannah and her sister who were my Nicaraguan family

    • Hi Karen, I will certainly pass along your greetings. I am so happy to be here. I actually did the first part of the story as a puppet play a few years ago–for the nursery children. It would be fun to do it together! Give my love to everyone–and love to you, too!

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