two new salads–one with broccoli and one with fennel

I have been eating less meat these past few weeks.  It has been harder and harder for me to eat meat these days.  I keep picturing the dead animals the meat comes from and it just is unpleasant.  Also, I have been reading this book called The China Study which talks about the health benefits of a plant based diet.  Anyhow, I am doing more experimenting to see how I feel.  Today for the first time since I started taking yoga class again, I was able to do the balancing poses–I don’t know if that has anything to do with how I am eating.  Maybe its because school is done and I have been sleeping more.

Well, in the meantime, summer is here and I have started getting veggie boxes from my CSA, Angelic Organics

Broccoli salad
Broccoli salad


, so I have been trying some new salads:

First came:

The broccoli salad (about 6 servings):

4 stalks broccoli, peel the stalks and chop, then steam until soft, but not too soft

2 carrots (I used rainbow carrots) grated

2 scallions, shopped

3 or 4 fresh radishes, cut in half and sliced

2-3 tablespoons fresh basil, rolled and sliced

For the dressing:

2 cloves crushed garlic

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 Tablespoons mustard

Salt and pepper to taste.

All I did was mix the veggies together, mixed the salad dressing separately and then tossed the vegetables in the dressing.  Everyone at my house loved it.  I thought that there would be left overs, but there was only a tiny bit that Rachel claimed for her lunch.

Then today I made a salad just for myself, as I seem to be the only one who likes fennel around here.  But this was really delicious, and I will make it again.

fennel and turnip salad (one serving)

fennel and turnip salad
fennel and turnip salad

I used my mandoline for this one–with my new safety glove which makes it much less scary:

1/2 fennel bulb, thinly sliced

1 salad turnip, thinly sliced–I get these from the farm–they are sweet and delicious

a small handful of fresh peas, strings removed and thinly sliced

several sprigs of cilantro, chopped

Mix these all together and then :

squeeze the juice of one half lime onto the salad (or more, if you want)

Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil

Sprinkle with salt (I had pretty Himalayan pink salt)

Stir and enjoy!


I am a writer, handworker, artist and teacher (a WHAT!), and a mom of two beautiful daughters who are amazingly 17 and 21. I am working on getting my first book, a fantasy novel for young people, published and am busy spinning on my new spinning wheel. I have been a Waldorf early childhood teacher for 10 years now, and before that, I was a lawyer. Teaching is much more fun.

3 thoughts on “two new salads–one with broccoli and one with fennel

  1. Cool to hear that you’re reducing your meat consumption! The China Study is a great book, definitely recommend it.

    I’m actually a plant based nutritionist, so if you are looking for any advice or new recipes, feel free to check out my site Health Room.

    I’ve also just released a short eBook on there about plant based nutrition, so feel free to check that out too if you’re interested!

    Have a great day, and thanks for sharing your salads, they look amazing!


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